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Quality Engineering

Software Quality Assurance is a process designed to ensure that software is developed that meets the original customer requirements and has high quality upon delivery to production. One of the core goals of quality engineering is to reduce the total amount of a product's quality-related costs. These costs include money invested to make the product better(for example, preventing or finding bugs), and money wasted coping with the product's bad quality(for example, money spent on recalls). Quality cost analysis is a standard part of traditional quality control.

Why does software have bugs?

For high quality, you must first know the specifics of what an application should or shouldn't do(the application's requirement).

The complexity of current software applications can be difficult to comprehend for anyone without experience in modern-day software development. Windows-type interfaces, client-server and distributed applications, data communications, enormous relational databases, and sheer size of applications have all contributed to the exponential growth in software/system complexity. And the use of object-oriented techniques can complicate instead of simplify a project unless it is well-engineered.

Programmers, like anyone else, can make mistakes. It is important to fully test all requirements and to have a defect tracking solution that allows programmers to fix defects that are found by the quality assurance team.

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