Sagar Solutions to double its global head count by January
Offshore Maintenance

Software maintenance is a significant and necessary activity in most software organizations, yet often detracts from the development of new applications. Outsourcing software maintenance to Sagar Solutions releases expensive IT resources that the client can put to more productive use. Sagar Solutions will expertly manage the software version releases. A service level agreement (SLA) will set baseline standards for maintenance performance which will ensure that the client's own customers get the best possible service.

Sagar Solutions Maintenance Services typically back up the client's own 1st level help desk support and 2nd level system support. Sagar Solutions maintenance specialists provide 3rd level maintenance support. They identify the software defects that have caused the problem and make the necessary corrections to both the software and the documentation. Why Sagar Solutions is well suited for providing this service? The prime reason is that our recruitment process selects software engineers who have strong analytical skills. In addition, our low staff turnover allows us to accumulate and retain knowledge and experience - all essential for fast identification of the causes of difficult software problems.

Apart from maintenance, Sagar Solutions also offers more extensive system renewals with the concepts Face-lifting and Wrapping.

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